Displaying children’s art

I love displaying my child’s artwork and when at school, the kids always look out for their work. Displaying their work gives them a sense of pride and brings such color to the environment. This is particularly true when the work is all their own, not the adults’ work but their own work from start to finish. In the toddler years it is all about experimenting, the enjoyment and process, not the product. I find such beauty in their work and would rather have it displayed more than any other kind of work. One might not have a million frames on the wall to hang pictures up in and that requires time. This canvas Rae painted is simply replacing an old picture on the wall. In the lounge a simple piece of string tied to the mirror and fireplace made a great way to display her work. 

The trick I have found is to let them make their own but choose the colors and materials thoughtfully. 

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