Kandinsky Inspired felt board

Recently I took a trip with my 3 year old which meant I had to entertain her for a long drive. So I decided to try to make a Kandinsky inspired felt board for her, in the hopes of keeping her busy. When we were back home she continued to play with it, so it was worth the effort.

I like this activity because it is open-ended, and non-permanent process art. I find that children tend to take more creative risks when working with non-permanent artwork as they can easily change it.

The good thing about felt is that it is pretty easy to use, and it kind of sticks to itself. So to make this all you need is felt and scissors.

As you can see, it is clearly homemade. I was too lazy to search for various size circles to trace in order to cut out perfect circles. If I made another one, I most likely would take the time to trace and cut perfect circles, but that’s a project for another day.

I love introducing Kandinsky’s work to children, I think it appeals to them as it is colorful and they can

How to make a Kandinsky Inspired felt board

Using various colored felt, cut different sizes dots, circles and rings. Also make small, medium and large sizes. I didn’t have a shop bought felt board, so I just hot-glued a large piece of felt to A4 cardboard to make a base.

Now you know how to make a felt board, you don’t have to just stick to circles, you can do any shapes. The only limit is your imagination! Hope you have lots of fun making and creating!

xoxo Miss Kay

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